En fixed gear sykkel (fastnav) er en sykkel hvor drevet bak er skrudd fast på navet uten frihjulsnav. Så lenge hjulet går rundt går også kranken rundt og omvendt. En fixed gear sykkel kan også sykles baklengs...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New wheels in tha house!

Vuelta XRP Team Super Lite track wheels, I love them...


Monday, January 05, 2009

X-mas in Osaka...


1 - Keep lock ring tight at all times; including retightening after first forward ride or tightening with a cog tightener before ever using it.

2 - AVOID skidding and use of a track wheel as a brake. Track wheels are not designed for sudden stopping; none of them.
Track riders slow down gradually, not real quickly like street riders.

3 - Please mount a brake on your bike if you intend to ride fixed gear on the street. No track wheel should be counted on as a brake; ever!
That is way track bikes are not even required by CPSC to have reflectors.
Fixed Gear Track bikes are for riding on track. If you ride on the street, please use a separate braking system.

Always wear a helmet and of course; always have fun...