En fixed gear sykkel (fastnav) er en sykkel hvor drevet bak er skrudd fast på navet uten frihjulsnav. Så lenge hjulet går rundt går også kranken rundt og omvendt. En fixed gear sykkel kan også sykles baklengs...

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year from FGN!

Christmas celebrations are at an end and our attention now turns to 2010 — a new year, with new promise and new hope.

Happy New Fixed Year!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sykkel er ikke hva det pleide å være!

Se de ville triksene som gjorde sykkelselgeren verdenskjentDel:NettbyFacebookLink:
Skotten Danny MacAskills videoer på Youtube har blitt sett over 20 millioner ganger.

Klikk her for å se video på VG TV

Nytt fottøy til ALTA / New shoes for the ALTA

Campagnolo Shamal 700c front and Alien wheel at the rear with white Vittoria tires...

All black Weinmanns with red pinstripe for that "racing look". Continental 700x32

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fixed Gear: A way of life!

For et voksende antall syklister er ikke fixed gear sykling bare en måte å komme fra A til B på men mer en livsstil. Her hører vi hva en fixed gear entusiast snakke om det.

For a growing number of cyclists, riding a fixed gear is not only a mode of transportation, but a way of life. Hear a fixed gear enthusiast talk about it to learn more.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nå er det (h)jul igjen...

Nye hjul på plass! New wheels in tha' house!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


These “bling bling” style Dura-Ace cufflinks make a great gift for the cyclist, but at about $80, they cost more than the DA chains they came from.

If you’d like more practical gifts, check out our curated gift guide, make up of suggestions from our readers cross-checked with items we’ve personally used, now in our Community. From cycle computers to coffee holders, it’s a perfect list of products for the cyclist near and dear to your heart.

Dura-Ace cufflinks

Lot of naked men on bicycles...

Rå figurer! Awesome figures!!

Awesome figures by Coolrain! Click here!

Let’s glow in the dark!

Sjekk denne t-skjorte siden!
Check out this shirt company!

Let’s glow in the dark ! We want to offer handlebar freaks a possibility to make themselves visible in aggressive urban traffic without having to look like a christmas tree.

All t-shirts are produced by labels known for their high standards quality of materials and a care for the environment.



Monday, December 14, 2009

Threadless Bottom Brackets

Jeg fant dette på Velo Orange sin blog!
I found this on Velo Orange Blog!

The threadless bottom brackets that I mentioned a few months ago have arrived and are available in the VO store. They fit most frames, even those with Swiss threading. And they work on frames with damaged BB shells, even if the existing threading is totally stripped.

Unlike previous attempts at threadless BBs, this new design is "internally expanding". As the adjustable cup is tightened the silver sleeve (see photo) is pushed up the tapered alloy cups, expanding and locking in the BB. This differs from older designs, like the Mavic, that pressed in from the outside and would sometimes slip. Installation requires only a traditional-style BB spanner or a pin wrench. The BB shell does not require chamfering or facing, simply slip the BB into the shell and tighten.

Like the other Grand Cru BBs, these have sealed cartridge bearings so require no servicing and should have a very long life. Taper is JIS and available spindle lengths include 103mm, 107mm, 110mm, 113mm, 116mm, 122mm, 127mm. The color is as shown (sorry). Price is $60.

We have tried these on British, French, and Swiss frames and they work perfectly. I don't know if they will work in the odd Raleigh BB shells since we don't have frames to test them in. These BB will make it cost effective to put a lot of great old frames back on the road, especially Swiss threaded Motobecanes.

Speaking of BBs, Grand Cru Italian thread BBs, with JIS taper, will arrive in a couple of months.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ines Brunn @ Tokyo Bicycle Film Festival 2009

A short trick bike show from Ines Brun at the opening party of the Tokyo Bicycle Film Festival 2009. Ines performed the whole show in a small space of about 2 metres diameter, encirculed by spectators.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Surly kustomizing...

Da har jeg har levert Surly ramma til pulver lakkering!
Blir blank sort...
The Surly frame is at the powder coater! It'll be shiny black...


Holder på med et "alt sort" prosjekt...
Working on a "all black" project...

Campagnolo Shamal and Alien

Har hatt et Campagnolo Shamal forhjul liggende en stund. Planen var å ha det foran på Alta'n. Har prøvd å finne et Sshamal Track bakhjul men det er ikke så lett. Derfor har jeg nå kjøpt et polert Alien hjulsett. Alien sin polerte felgbane ligner litt på Shamal sin felgbane. Så da blir det Alien bak og Campa foran...

I've had a Shamal frontwheel for a while now. I have been looking for a Shamal Track rear wheel but that's not easy to find. So I got a polished wheelset from Alien. The rim from Alien has olmost the same look as the Shamal rim. So now it'll be Alien vs Shamal...

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sexy Bicycles!

Fantastiske sykler fra Australia
Great bicycles from australia

Sexy Bicycles