En fixed gear sykkel (fastnav) er en sykkel hvor drevet bak er skrudd fast på navet uten frihjulsnav. Så lenge hjulet går rundt går også kranken rundt og omvendt. En fixed gear sykkel kan også sykles baklengs...

Monday, September 14, 2015

Til salgs / For sale

Selger en tøff ny ubrukt sort street fixie / fastnav sykkel.
Aluminium ramme og gaffel. Str 54 CT, passer fra 170 til 185.

Selges med nytt Fyxation Rodeo Pursuit styre med nye lange track håndtak (kan også selges med track dropbars). Thomson setepinne og Charge sete. Pedalene er MKS Sylvan fra Japan med BLB straps.

Kan eventuelt selges med andre (hvite) hjul og forbrems.

Selges rimelig med Thomson setepinne og Charge sete for kr 4500,- selges for kr 3900,- med NoName setepinne og sete. Eller kom gjerne med fornuftig bud.

Kan eventuelt byttes i liten fatbike!
Kan også ta Aerospoke forhjul som del betaling...

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Speed alone is not the key to winning.

Keirin is a type of bicycle racing. The cyclists ride around a banked track, and the winner is the first across the finish line. But keirin cyclists need more than just speed to win—the strategies they use against each other are an important part of the sport, increasing its subtlety and appeal. Competitors use various strategies to win.
The battle of wills among the cyclists can be complex, often creating dramatic ups and downs during the race. Once you understand the nuances of keirin, trying to predict race outcomes becomes a fascinating exercise

What is Keirin?

The keirin is a bizarre event, which originated in Japan.
It is a popular sport there, and attracts major betting from punters.
It is similar to the individual sprint but features six to eight riders on the track instead of two.
This is the bizarre bit: the riders follow behind a small moped-type bike called a derny.
This derny paces the riders for the first few laps of the eight-lap race.
It steadily increases speed before pulling off into the centre of the arena with two-and-a-half laps to go, leaving the riders to sprint to the finish.
During the lead-up laps to the finishing sprint, the riders jostle with each other for the best position.
But they have to stay behind the back wheel of the derny.
With so many riders taking part in what is really a sprint race, there are often crashes on the final laps.
So the race is fun-filled and action-packed!

A visit to MASH San Francisco!

MASH San Francisco website! Mash open their San Francisco door to their local community of riders and to the global supporters who visit San Francisco everyday. From Cape Town to Osaka, from Berlin to Istanbul, they see the fire in the eyes of the riders worldwide.

Keep Calm!

Ny Bianchi Klokke!!

Gave fra Granfondo Don Pedro. Signert av Don Pedro (Dag Erik Pedersen)!

The Bianchi Dude!

Bianchi Pista på tur!


Dette er samme som ramma mi! This is the same as my frame!

Keirin bike in the house!!

Samson ramme str. 57
Nitto jaguar stem NJS
Nitto styre NJS
Nitto setepinne NJS
Nitto headset NJS
Clamp-on bremse
Dura Ace krank NJS
MKS pedaler
Kashimax sete
Brooks styretape
Mavic Tubular rims
On One hubs
Continental Gatorskin dekk

Cruizin' the Bianchi Pista daily driver!

 photo P1080041_zps0e3b93e1.jpg

På tur med Henrik og hans kule Cinelli med Aerospoke!
Cruising With my budde Henrik and his cool Cinelli!

Aerospoke er kult!
Aerospoke is way cool!